Feminist Art at Tate Modern


On 12th May I’l be giving a gallery talk and visit of feminist art in the Tate Modern collection. I’ll be looking at how twentieth century women artists have responded to the huge gender bias in the art world, that has tended to favour the idea of the heroic male in the role of ‘artist’. Routinely, art by women has been occluded throughout history, and still, despite the fact that women make up two thirds of art graduates, only one third are represented by commercial galleries.  I’ll be looking at artists like Sanja Ivekovic , Carolee Schneeman  and  Marina Abramovic  and how they have critiqued the way in which women’s bodies are controlled and contained by societal and media values alongside more well known women artists such as Louise Bourgeois.

This event is for Art History UK and tickets can be booked here: http://www.arthistoryuk.com/public-tours/unveiling-feminism-tate-modern/

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