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I am a writer, art historian and independent curator based in London.

I’m the author of Women in the Picture, a polemic about patriarchy, feminism and art history, published by Seal Press (USA) and Icon Books (UK) in late 2020. I’m also the author of The Art of Looking Up which is a collection of forty fine art ceilings from around the world, published by White Lion (2019). In 2019 I was guest curator at Richard Saltoun Gallery in London and curated an acclaimed two part show on contemporary art and motherhood.

My literary agent is Becky Thomas at Johnson and Alcock agency

 When not writing and curating I can be found teaching art history at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, where I am the course director for the summer school on Women and Art. I have a PhD in Art History from UCL where I worked as a Teaching Fellow and I have appeared on Sky News and BBC Breakfast talking about art.
My writing has been published in Harper’s Bazaar UK, The Independent, the Architectural Review, Stylist, Glass magazine, Label magazine, and in international academic journals and museum exhibition catalogues.
 (Follow me here @womeninthepicture)

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