Summer School Course on Art and Women




In June 2018 I’m running a two week course for Sotheby’s Institute in London around the theme of women and art.

I’ll be exploring the issues concerning the depiction of women in art, and women artists, from antiquity to the present day through an introduction to feminist theory and the gender politics of visual culture. This includes the circumstances of women’s historical exclusion from art academies and artistic patronage and the way in which international museums and collections in the 21st century are responding to the current interest and debates around feminism in politics and culture at large. The course will be taught by me, and also invited experts from the worlds of both academia and curating and will be a mixture of seminars at the Institute in Bedford Square, London and visits to galleries and collections such as the National Gallery and Tate Modern.

Everyone is welcome regardless of age or prior knowledge and qualifications.

For more information and to book see here.



Filthy Feet: Dirt as Relic and Text in Seicento Rome


Filthy Feet: Dirt as Relic and Text in Seicento Rome

This paper on dirty feet in Caravaggio’s ‘Madonna and the Pilgrims’ and the relationship between dirt and representation in the city was published earlier this year by Dandelion Arts and Humanities journal in a special issue on ‘filth’, which brings together a wide range of scholarly articles on the topic. In my research on the foot and representation in early modernity I am continue to find the topic of walking a very rich area, especially Michel de Certeau’s seminal essay ‘Walking in the City’.